8 Week Kickstart Programme

8 Week Kickstart

Just in time for Spring!

8 Week Kickstart Programme

Start date: 8 July 2024 – 2 September 2024


Once Off cost of R2490 is payable for 8 weeks – this is a saving of R2700 from our normal packages

NOT for current clients already signed up on a one on one package as your plans are in place

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Transform Your Life with the 8-Week Kickstart Program

Embark on an 8-week journey that goes beyond temporary fixes to instil lifelong habits for fat loss, healthy maintenance and well-being.

The Kickstart Program was designed by myself years ago, after watching so many fads devastate people with their false promises and unrealistic eating and or training protocols. to engrain the principles of healthy living, ensuring that the lessons you learn today will benefit you for decades to come.

What Makes this Program Unique?

Focus on Principles: I concentrate on the core principles of fat loss and health, teaching you habits that, once mastered, can serve you indefinitely. This is no quick fix, but will put you in the best position to lose fat, or simply live a healthy life, in a sustainable way.

Consistency is Key: It’s not about drastic changes but about consistent, sustainable practices that lead to lasting results.

A Legacy of Health: We believe in the power of education, hoping that the seeds we plant now will flourish into a legacy of good health and knowledge.

Join me and Discover the Power of Good Habits Whether you’re looking to make a change now or seeking knowledge that will serve you for a lifetime, This program is the perfect starting point. Let me help you build a foundation that will stand the test of time.

Your Nutritional plans are all individualised, introduce variety, I will be on hand offering advice and explaining in a group chat, as is your training, again groups are kept small.

As I want to attend to everyone equally. There is NO perfect diet, there is the only the one you can follow long term, these are the principles that make any methodology work, IIFYM, Intermittent fasting, or eating balanced nutritional rich meals, not bland but realistic, how to handle socials, bad days, etc. How to find your own system, the only successful one, is the one you can actually follow. If you want aggressive and speedy “weight loss”, google, many a Fad out there wanting your money, or magic pills to solve your issues, but they don’t do they?

Fat Loss and weight loss are not necessarily the same thing.

No one is a robot, I am more concerned about the “what after” , sure I can give you a plan, rapidly drop “weight”, individual learn’s nothing, rebound, only to repeat the cycle. For those who want to get off this vicious cycle. Let me empower you at least, that whatever loss may occur, you know how to keep it going in a healthy way, mentally, physically and a good sense of well being.

This is not a lead, so I can grab new clients, rather empowering you with skill sets I hope serve you well for a longer, healthier life. Our highly skilled and talented Coaches instil these habits in our pro athletes, to my clients I am working closely with on chronic obesity and diabetes.

You are not just a number, YOU matter.

Here’s to a healthier, happier future! 🌟

Coach Craig Brown