Questions about One-on-One Coaching

1. How does online coaching work?

A coach has extensive experience in both training and nutrition and combines both to provide the best possible way to achieve your goals through their expert guidance. With current technology it has made online coaching a viable option for everyone with training apps that allow your workout and support videos at your fingertips.

2.How do you track your client’s progress?

Biofeedback is essential for a coach to track your progress and make suitable amendments. We ask our clients to submit progress photos every four weeks. We also require clients to submit weekly measurement, weight and feedback about how their training and diet cycle went.

3.Do I need to attend a gym or can training be done at home?

All training programs are designed for the individual and we would design either a gym or home program to suit you and any equipment you may or may not have.

4.How often am I going to need to work out?

This is entirely up to you. We will create an individualised training program that suite your life, schedule and goals.

5.Is there some sort of contract of long term obligation I’ll need to sign?

Not at all. You choose how long you would like to keep me as your coach. All of my coaching programs are on a month to month basis unless you choose a discounted package. All I ask is that you give me a one calendar month cancellation notice should you decide not to continue with my services.

6.Can I sign on for your services if I don’t reside in South-Africa?

You can sign up from anywhere in the world.  We have many clients abroad from USA to Switzerland to Singapore. And we can accept funds via PayPal.

7.What is expected of me as a client?

That you are consistent and give 100 % in order to achieve the results we aim for. Trust the process.