Meet our Coaches – Jess Woolf

Jess Woolf



I, Jess Woolf, am a BCom graduate driven by a sincere passion for well-being.
My journey into health and fitness isn’t about grand gestures; it’s rooted in daily self-improvement.
Discovering my love for health and fitness has become a compass guiding my efforts to inspire and uplift women.
Opting for a non-competitive approach, I aim to create an inclusive space where individual progress is celebrated, free from the burden of comparison.

As a mother of three, my experiences shape my understanding of the delicate balance women seek between family life and personal well-being.
Each day unfolds as an opportunity for self-improvement, not just for myself but for the women I aim to influence.
The emphasis isn’t on rigid routines but on fostering an environment where personal growth is nurtured and celebrated.

My journey took a significant turn with the guidance of my personal coach and mentor, Craig Brown.
His influence played a pivotal role in my personal transformation, instilling in me the passion to pay it forward.
I feel privileged to have him by my side, shaping not only my growth but also my commitment to empowering others.

My coaching philosophy centers on inspiration and empowerment, steering clear of overemphasizing the perfect body.
It’s about aligning mind, body, and soul, creating a community focused on collective progress rather than competition.
In my coaching sessions, I aim to blend expertise with empathy; it’s about understanding each woman’s unique journey and tailoring fitness as a tool for self-discovery and empowerment.

My story isn’t one of grand triumphs but a humble narrative that intertwines with the lives I touch.
I extend an invitation to women everywhere: embrace your uniqueness, step into your power, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being.