Meet our Coaches – Lael Miller

Lael Miller

Clinical Performance Nutritionists (MNU, Loughborough, UK)


Lael Amy Miller, originally hailing from South Africa, has set up permanent residence in Atlanta, USA and has called it home for the past 11 years. 

Lael’s passion for fitness was fueled five years ago when she accepted a challenge to enter her first NPC competition. From there the fire was fueled and Lael became intent on constantly discovering improved versions of how she could transform the female physique. 

Although Lael is employed full time, her desire for evidence-based practice has led her to near completion of her MNU certification.  Lael’s love for food, muscles, and training has kept her focused to live life to the fullest as a mom, full time employee, and wife, and to show others how fitness dreams not only become but remain a reality

Lael has a gifted ability for embracing balance between training, working, eating, and really living and is intent on showing others that it can be done!