Meet our coaches


Our team of coaches has been selected carefully and each has an excellent field of knowledge and experience to suit our clients goals

Craig Brown

“Craig Brown, the visionary behind CSBBodyFusion, boasts an impressive 35 years of wide-ranging experience in the health and fitness industry. With a comprehensive assortment of qualifications spanning from nutrition to biochemistry, physical training to nutritional science, my thirst for knowledge is insatiable” …

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Candice Dawson

“Where Passion Meets Purpose, and Fitness Becomes Freedom. Candice is a highly qualified personal trainer and transformation coach, she specialises in pre/post natal instruction. Candice is driven by a relentless hunger and a burning passion for all things fitness. Witnessing firsthand the incredible power of fitness to transform lives,.”…

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Kara Conradie

I am from a small town in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, where I was born and raised and at the ripe age of 17 years I left home to embark on my life journey to America. My first job was working for 24 Hour Fitness a gym empire, in San Diego, California. I lived and breathed life in the gym for 6 years…

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Janke Bornebroek

“I did my Personal Training course in Oxford through Premier Training International and then lived and breathed Personal Training for 3years after that in Oxford where I also did my level 2 Kettlebell instructors’ course. I moved back to South Africa where I went on to study my undergraduate degree in Human Movement Sciences & Psychology “…

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Barry Munger

“I hold 2 qualifications relating to expertise in the industry. A BA(MBW) Human Movement Science and a 2 year Diploma as a fitness specialist. 15 years training experience at present. I’ve competed in 28 shows with 10 years as a competitive bodybuilder. Starting at the bottom as a skinny kid”…

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Dylan Dawson

“Where drive and passion meet. Dylan is an IFBB PRO Bodybuilder, with a ton of experience working with clients on the gym floor and online. His formal education matches his great experience. In addition to being a fitness athlete, as a career path Dylan chose to be a certified Professional Health & Fitness Trainer.”…

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Lael Miller

“Lael Amy Miller, originally hailing from South Africa, has set up permanent residence in Atlanta, USA and has called it home for the past 11 years. Lael’s passion for fitness was fueled five years ago when she accepted a challenge to enter her first NPC competition”…

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Michelle Rorich

“At the age of 40, Michelle transitioned into bodybuilding, making an immediate impact by winning her first Bikini Fitness show in the over 35-year-old division. She continued to excel in fitness competitions while expanding her expertise, obtaining qualifications in nutrition”…

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