Therese du Plessis

Weight and a negative body image have always been a very real issue for me. Even though I have never been extremely overweight, I have never felt comfortable or confident.  

Right after Christmas 2018 I looked in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw. We overindulged at the Christmas table, on alcohol, and everything that should always be in moderation. My weight at that stage was about 70kg. Probably the biggest I have ever been, so I decided that that was enough.

By fluke I came across a post by CSB Bodyfusion on Facebook advertising their Summer Kickstart program. I took a chance to see if there were any spots left and entered. I was asked about my goal and I think I ticket ‘get fitter’ and ‘lose fat’. My gym routine at that stage was a bit of running and hiding away in the ladies’ circuit section.

Craig put together a training and nutrition plan that worked well with my sometimes very hectic lifestyle. I was able to include foods that I like and enjoy. I was a bit skeptical because it was a lot of food and I didn’t lose a lot of weight in week 1 like you would with most yo yo diets but by the end of week 4 there was a massive difference. At the end of the 12 week challenge I had lost nearly 6kg. I was in a much better place with my diet. I loved every minute of the weight training. I even felt confident enough to start wearing dresses again.

Throughout the 12 week challenge we were all on a WhatsApp group and Craig answered every query and question with so much passion. From exercise changes to food alternatives and supplements. Even though he has many other clients he always makes you feel just as important and valued.

I signed up with Craig again in June and we tackled my IBS symptoms shortly after I started. Gone are the days where I would walk around all bloated and in pain for days. After my birthday in June the crazy idea of a fitness photoshoot came up. I gave myself 10 weeks to get nice and lean. Craig made the necessary changes to my training and nutrition and constantly reassured me that all will go well, and I would be ready even though I really doubted myself. 

Craig is probably one of the calmest and level-headed people on this planet. He listens when I ramble and then gives his opinion when you think you haven’t made progress. Always ready with a solution or a plan when you throw something at him. A few days before my shoot I had a very traumatic experience and even with that weight gain Craig had an answer and plan.

A very big thank you to Craig and his team for helping and supporting me throughout this journey. Not only have you helped me to achieve a stronger and leaner body, but I have confidence again. I no longer have this constant anxiety when I am around food.

You cannot earn what you didn’t work for. This isn’t a quick fix or a magic pill. This is hard work. Dedication and sacrifice every day. Craig provides the tools, but you must put in the work.