I only started Gym about 2 years ago, I was always a dancer and loved doing that, gym was never in the books for me, actually never stepped into the Gym until I met my husband Nelson! He started me to try and be active at the gym but we didn’t attempt eating healthy at all. Until one day I put on a swimsuit I loved and looked into a mirror and hated every part of my body! That’s when I decided I need to change my lifestyle.

I did a eating plan on the website just to lose weight but never saw changes I could be proud of! My husband told me I needed to try and compete and in my mind I thought never, I could never look like those girls, but decided to try it out!

Figuring out which coach to used was hard, there were so many out there with different transformations, but came along to Craig. Decided to inbox him and he was so insightful I was amazed. He was coaching Sam at the time and watched her transformations and was in awe, I knew he would be the perfect person to assist me. I never thought it would be hard to compete, but having Craig by my side guiding and helping me made it worthwhile. I kept on telling Craig if I was ready and he just kept reassuring me saying, yes go for it! Best advice I had!

Craig transformed my body to something I though could never happen, I stepped on at for the first time at Rossi, and felt beautiful, confident and sexy! Something I lacked and he brought that back! Today I thank him for bringing the best body I EVER HAD!! He is truly an amazing coach and not to mention friend! THANK YOU CRAIG FOR EVERYTHING