Meet our Coaches – Barry Munger

Barry Shayne Munger

BA(MBW) Human Movement Science

Coach/Personal Trainer

I hold 2 qualifications relating to expertise in the industry. A BA(MBW) Human Movement Science and a 2 year Diploma as a fitness specialist. 15 years training experience at present.

I’ve competed in 28 shows with 10 years as a competitive bodybuilder. Starting at the bottom as a skinny kid with a dream to winning all the titles I never imagined possible as a super Heavyweight bodybuilder. 

Personally I have experienced the rigours and trials of weight gain/loss. I have mastered the psychology of maintaining a balanced lifestyle and critically I’ve learned how to practically apply healthy eating habits in the modern world of convenience food and quick fixes.

I know the struggles of having no idea where to start with diet and training, or just trying to live a good lifestyle in the corporate world with all the time constraints and pressure to the extremely scientific world of competition prep.

I have been there myself through motivational problems ,injury,work pressure,financial constraints and all the highs/lows of life.

As a Coach I truly know and understand how beautiful life can be . It’s my privilege to motivate, coach and inspire people into becoming the people they want to be.