Meet our Coaches – Craig

Craig Brown

Clinical Performance Nutritionists (MNU, Loughborough, UK)
Advanced Nutrition Science Lv5.

Head Coach

Craig Brown, the visionary behind CSBBodyFusion, boasts an impressive 35 years of wide-ranging experience in the health and fitness industry. With a comprehensive assortment of qualifications spanning from nutrition to biochemistry, physical training to nutritional science, my thirst for knowledge is insatiable. My most recent learning venture culminated in the completion of an MNU certification, complimenting my daily habit of immersing myself in newly published scientific studies.

Venturing into the realm of online coaching, I’ve anchored myself in a singular objective: fostering a healthier and more efficient approach to fitness. My journey has been anything but ordinary. I spent my youthful years, precisely from 20 to 23, paddling around the world, exploring countless perspectives before settling into a career.

Seeking a medium to channel my passion and convictions, I established CSBBodyFusion. The brand has since grown exponentially, in parallel with my personal achievements, writing magazine articles and featuring as a specialist guest on various talk shows.

I share an adventure alongside Stephan, Andrea Papas – the wizard of biochemistry, and my good friend, IFBB Pro Andrew Hudson, in hosting “The Lean Body Show”. It was within this exhilarating framework that Stephan took a leap of faith to join CSBBodyFusion as my ally, evolving into a sensational coach.

While my journey involves collaborating with professional athletes across a spectrum of sports, especially physique sports, my focus has gradually shifted.

Today, I address the complex challenges woven into the fabric of obesity and the associated mental health issues. I strive to help individuals combat health disorders, advocating for lifestyle modifications as a powerful weapon in this battle.

This year marks a transformative phase in our mission. We intend to revolutionize coaching, propelling it towards healthier methods, solid morals, and unwavering values. Our ultimate hero is the client, not ourselves, and we firmly reject misguided practices anchored in company kickbacks with dishonest claims, or unwarranted commissions.

As we forge a path defined by quality, rather than quantity, this year sees us warmly welcome new talents to the CSBBodyFusion team. We eagerly anticipate the inspirational exchange of knowledge and skills that will undoubtedly enrich our journey. We are, after all, on a ceaseless mission of mutual learning, growth, and improved practice.