Meet our Coaches – Kara Conradie

Kara Conradie

Advanced Yoga Teacher

IFBB Protea Athlete

Coach/Personal Trainer

I am from a small town in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, where I was born and raised and at the ripe age of 17 years I left home to embark on my life journey to America.  My first job was working for 24 Hour Fitness a gym empire, in San Diego, California. I lived and breathed life in the gym for 6 years.

At the age of 21 took my very first yoga class and spent the next 20 years falling in love with yoga, over and over again. In 2016, myself, husband and two girls moved from my home town in Zimbabwe to Pretoria, South Africa.  In May 2017, I completed my first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, in Goa, India and in May 2018, completed an additional 200 Hr YTT Pretoria, South Africa, with EON Yoga.  This is where I continued to teach yoga and have spent the last 7 years, with thousands of teaching hours dedicated to my students and the practice.  I currently own my own yoga studio in Silverlakes, Pretoria. 

During my time here in South Africa got back into the fitness industry, working at a private gym here in Silverlakes and then moved on to Planet Fitness.  I loved being back in the fitness industry and knew I wanted to continue to learn and grow and change peoples lives.  In July 2020, I completed HFPA – Essentials of Nutrition Certificate and spent many hours with Trifocus Academy, learning and growing as a Personal Trainer.  The last 3 years have spent every spare moment working with my private clients from all walks of life.  My passion has been in working in rehabilitation, helping my clients with injuries and rehabiliation from major surgeries. 

In 2019, started my body building career with IFBB federation, where I stood Bikini Fitness and placed very well over the years. In 2023, I was privileged enough to work with an amazing coach, Stephan du Toit.  I competed in Provincials and placed well in both Bikini Fitness and Fit Model and secured an invitation to the South African Championships.  I received my IFBB Protea colours and went on to represent South Africa in the World Fit Model Championships in Lithuania, where I came 2nd in the world. 

My niche of clients would be lifestyle, ladies of all ages and men as well. Competing for ladies bikini only. I also do posing for IFBB. I look forward to this journey as a CSBBodyfusion coach