Meet our Coaches – Michelle Rörich

Michelle Rörich

Accredited Pilates/Barre instructor


Michelle’s journey began in 1995 when she started her fitness and modeling career part-time while working as a teacher at a modeling academy. After pursuing a corporate career and becoming a mom, she ventured into successful property management, import-export, and small-scale international hospitality businesses. In 2015, she returned to her passion for fitness, becoming a BASI Pilates Instructor and building a successful fitness career in Mozambique alongside her other businesses.

At the age of 40, Michelle transitioned into bodybuilding, making an immediate impact by winning her first Bikini Fitness show in the over 35-year-old division. She continued to excel in fitness competitions while expanding her expertise, obtaining qualifications in nutrition, aerial moves, suspension instruction, barre instruction, and Pilates reformer accreditation.

In 2018, tragedy struck when her home in Mozambique was destroyed in a fire, prompting her to relocate to South Africa and open her first Pilates studio. Michelle’s passion for fitness led her to work with diverse clientele, including diplomats, seniors, athletes, rehabilitation patients, and the general public. She also instructed Pilates, ballet barre, weight training, and group classes at Planet Fitness gyms.

Michelle is highly regarded in the bodybuilding community and coaches select athletes alongside her general lifestyle clients through the CSBBodyfusion family in 2024.We are proud to have her onboard, you can read her blog post for a full insight to a wonderful career.

She uses her people skills and relatable nature to make fitness accessible to a wide audience through online coaching and subscription services. Her influence on social media is amplified by her expanding clientele network.

Michelle is committed to empowering women to embrace a balanced approach to health and fitness, emphasizing the importance of movement and energy balance in preventing disease. She finds fulfillment in coaching and supporting her clients as they achieve personal growth and confidence through their fitness journeys.