Meet our Coaches – Janke Bornebroek

Janke Bornebroek

Sports Science BA (Hons)

Human Movement Sciences & Psychology

Coach/Personal Trainer

I fell in love with training and everything it encompasses when I travelled to the UK after high school. I did my Personal Training course in Oxford through Premier Training International and then lived and breathed Personal Training for 3years after that in Oxford where I also did my level 2 Kettlebell instructors’ course. I moved back to South Africa where I went on to study my undergraduate degree in Human Movement Sciences & Psychology at the North West University Potchefstroom and also completed my BA Hons. Sport Science there.

I am currently a Personal Trainer. For the past 4 years I have had the privilege to be coached by Stephan Du Toit. I also compete in Classic Bodybuilding. The reason is to be able to understand the behind the scenes, the grit it takes to push your body to the absolute limits and also your mind. I live for learning. The human body is an amazing machine and once you realize what it is capable of, the world becomes your oyster.

Being able to integrate some of the psychology methods I learned into my clients training has been very helpful with being able to produce results and habits that are live changing. Realizing how important the role of the mind is to any given task, inside and outside of the gym, at home and on holiday. By working to create a healthy mindset as my clients set upon their journey of reaching their goals, is what drives me in this regard.  

As a Sports Scientist, I help my clients through injury. Using Prehab principles or movement screening techniques, I am able to help with identifying potential areas that require more specific focus (maybe more mobility or even stability) and then after those areas of concern have been delt with, normal functioning of the joints affected is the next step in the process.

Training isn’t a one-sided approach. It is a multi-faceted venture that takes time to develop, trust between Coach and client and good communication.