Sue & Rico

Sue & Rico

With our 10 week challenge, Rico and I battled for 2 weeks to get into the routine of prepping the food for the week, but once we had that under control, we found that it was much easier. We didn’t have to wonder what to eat and have to replace a food type with something else as all the prep had been done.

But this challenge has brought the real me back….the focused go-getter that will beat previous PR’s just for the fun of it.  This challenge was fresh and didn’t dissapoint…with programmes changing regularly and it was really a proper challenge for me, as this had exercises I had never tried before! My focus is back and I feel so healthy and fit again…. can’t wait for the next one!!!!!

In the beginning, it felt as if the 10 weeks would never end, but at the end, it felt as though it had flown by!

I have been on quite a few diets and never found that the scale moved very much, even though I lost cm. On this challenge, I lost on the scale and in my clothes! It is such a great feeling!

The group of people we had for this challenge were all awesome. There was so much support and so many recipe ideas shared. Even though there were over 200 messages sent in some conversations on the whatsapp group, it never became a nuisance as there was so much information in between that the conversation was very informative.

Craig and Sam were always there to provide info or assist with food swopping out – no matter what time of the day or night. Their info is invaluable.The training app is AMAZING!! It was so easy to follow and keep track of improvements. A great tool for motivation and assistance!

We are ready for the second challenge, and knowing now how it works, we will be ready from day 1 and make it even more of a success than the first one!