The Lean Body Show

Eric Helms Interview
We are very excited to host Dr Eric Helms PhD, one of the most respected exercise experts in the world. He will chat to us about a Vegan diet for athletes. How to structure your training for male and females.

What happened at the Arnolds AUSTRALIA PRO ? We chat to Andrew Hudson
Get all the behind the scenes action and IFBB pro Andrew Hudson first hand experience, as well as from the legend coach Broderick Chevaz

Gut Health with Dr. Gabriella Fundaro.
 “Leaky Gut” “IBS” “Food Intolerances” “Inflammation” “The Second Brain” “Weight Gain because of bacterial Imbalance” “Fermented Foods” “FODMAPS” “Bone Broths” “Probiotics” 

You’ve heard it all before, but what is fact and what is fiction. How much do we really know about all these species that live inside of us. 

The Dynamic Duo
 Chris and Eric, on how to select the right coach. Your fitness struggles. How to make this a lifestyle, and more
They are the authors of #1 Bestselling book “The New Era Of Fitness”, they have helped 1000s of clients get in incredible shape, and are business coaches, helping PT’s and trainers grow their own businesses