Your diet is a budget

Your diet is a budget

Your diet, Greek for way of life, is basically a budget, a set allotment of calories or energy needed to maintain life and in pursuit of your goals, whether that be fat loss, muscle gain, or general health and maintenance. 

Wherever you set that budget, you need your books to balance according to your set aspirations and goals. Energy in vs energy out set according to desired results. 

As with any budget, some expenses are needed to keep you business running properly such as rent, tax, fuel, salaries. Much the same way this applies to nutrition, you need to cover certain essential basis such as sufficient protein consumption, fat and carbohydrate intake depending on you as an individual, sufficient fiber intake, micronutrient intake and enough hydration on a daily basis. The majority of your nutrition needs to be good wholesome foods, this isn’t always pleasant or sexy, like tax or kale or broccoli you need to eat your vegetables and pay your taxes. 

There are certain expenses that on the surface may not appear essential, but they do supply benefits such as setting aside money for staff team building, and incentives to work hard like commission, in nutrition terms, this is your flexibility to spend calories on the nice things, that help keep you mentally and emotionally happy, such as diners out and social events, alcohol consumption. Like with our budget analogy, these may seem like superficial expenses but in the long run, it helps adherence, it helps keep staff happy and performing, much the same way, it helps maintain balance in your nutrition between your goals, health and emotional well being. 

There is no secret to this, like with any successful business, this needs to be done consistently, day in day out, week in week out, balancing the needs of your business and the happiness of your staff, find this balance and you have yourself the recipe for potential success long term. 

Craig Brown

Head Coach, MNU Certified Nutritionist

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